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With substantial investment in construction and infrastructure projects, legislative knowledge and documentation needs to be of the highest calibre. The experienced team at Greenwood Roche drafts, negotiates and advises on development and construction documentation for public and privately financed construction and engineering projects (including NZ Standards, FIDIC, NEC3 and IChemE standard forms).

Key Areas
Procurement and tendering advice and negotiations
Project structuring
Project management advice
Standard construction contracts and related documentation (including NZ Standards, FIDIC, NEC3 and IChemE)
Design and construct EPC contracts
DBFM, DBOM and BOOT contracts
Construction and project finance security documentation
Supply contracts and O&M arrangements
Professional team appointments
Collateral warranties and direct agreements
Construction Contracts Act, Building Act and other legislation
International experience in the UK and Australia (including PFI, PF2, Australian Standards and JCT forms)
Alliancing contracting
Health and safety

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